How to Choose Specialty Hardware for Your Home

choosing specialty hardware

Whether you’re remodeling or building a new house, the process from start to finish can be overwhelming. In many cases, people become so focused on the larger elements of the project that they overlook the smaller details that still make a considerable difference. If you’re not a contractor or interior decorator, you may be wondering what the step-by-step process of hardware selection entails and where exactly to start.

Establish a realistic budget

Don’t set yourself up for failure by not creating a budget right off the bat. Make sure to establish a budget you can stick to. Typically, the hardware allowance should be about one percent of the project cost. Having a budget to follow can help narrow down your options as there is an abundant number of styles and finishes to choose from.

Use the front door as your starting point After a budget is set, the best way to ensure every area in your home is covered is to tackle it room-by-room. Thinking about the hardware in your entire house as a whole may become overwhelming, so it’s better to take it step-by-step. Starting at the front door and working your way around to the other areas in your house will allow you to focus on each individual space.

Draft a hardware schedule

After you’ve picked your selections, a hardware schedule is drafted to show exactly where each piece of hardware will be placed in your home. This is where our experts at Avondale Specialty Hardware come in to help draft a comprehensive schedule that fits each budget requirement.

Choosing specialty hardware for your home is fun when you’re prepared and know what to expect beforehand!

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