Meet Our Team: Lynn Steffek, Showroom Representative

If you’ve visited our showroom, you’ve probably had the pleasure of meeting Lynn, our design consultant. Lynn joined us this past March after moving to Birmingham from New York. Prior to her move, Lynn was working at a high-end architectural woodworking and design firm for luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and TUMI. She has also worked in the music industry, which explains her love of live music. We got to know her a little better through some fun questions!

What do you love about Birmingham so far? “Of course, exploring different places in Alabama. I also love southern cuisine and different foods.” What have you done in your free time around the city? “I’ve been to the Pepper Place farmers market. I’ve taken my dog hiking to Moss Rock and really enjoyed that. The Grand Bohemian and Fancy's on Fifth are great places to get together with friends. The Greystone Country Club also has fun events, like wine tastings.

Where's your favorite food spot? What’s your typical order? "I haven't had a chance to try too many places, but I really like Bartaco. It has a fun atmosphere. I usually order fish tacos, the house-made guacamole, and street corn with Cotija cheese. They have really great drinks, too." What's your go-to drink? "Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc" What's your favorite line we carry? "Rusticware or Top Knobs."

Best vacation? “Any beach!”

Any hobbies?

“Gardening! I love my garden, and there’s a longer gardening season here in Alabama.” The most important question - Alabama or Auburn?

“It wasn’t a choice in my house, so Alabama, but since I’m originally from Ohio, Ohio State is a close second!”

You’ve just moved into a new home. Have you done anything to change it up?

“We’ve installed new lighting, new floors, and fresh paint. We’ve also installed some HGH Hardware Supply products in our kitchen, including the Rev-A-Shelf pull-out trash bins and spice tray for drawers. We’d like to replace our kitchen cabinet doors with glass and chicken wire inserts.

Lynn has been a wonderful additional to our Avondale Specialty Hardware team. You can contact her at lynns@hghhardware.com for hardware questions or to set up an appointment.

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