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Don’t Ignore the Door: Door Hardware for Every Type of Door

When remodeling or building new, the door hardware choices can often just be left to the builder. Don’t settle for basic when you could have extraordinary! Understanding the hardware available for different door types in your home can help to simplify your choices when it comes to door hardware.


Security is the most important function of an entry door, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be decorative, too. There are plenty of options for entry door locksets that have both exquisite form and top functionality.

The lockset of an entry door typically operates with a key on the exterior and a turn-piece on the inside. With a standard locking system, your primary lock is in the center. Usually a single deadbolt is used in a standard locking system.

If you want to add an additional layer of security, or if you have an extra large door, we would recommend a multipoint/3-point lock. A multipoint lock secures itself in place by making contact with the top and bottom of the door frame in addition to the side of the frame or other door. It's most commonly used with french doors, sliding glass doors, and large or double entry doors.

If you want a keyless entry (which makes it easy to provide access to others or just simpler for you), several options exist from basic keypad to wi-fi connected locksets that can be operated remotely. These are particularly great for vacation homes!

Entry Door


Closet doors don’t have a need for increased functionality, but you can still make a statement by adding detail like crystal or a contrasting style or finish.

For these door knobs, you decide between privacy, passage, or dummy.

Closet Door

Hardware for alternative door styles

Some other door styles to consider are barn doors and pocket doors. These sliding door options are great for when floor space is an issue, but can just make a statement. The distinction is simple: use barn doors when you want to see the doors when open; use pocket doors when you want them to disappear.


A great way to add immediate character to a room is with a barn door. It frees up floor space that would normally be needed for swinging doors, but it also makes a huge statement in the room.

The barn door hardware kit includes the track, rollers, stops, and hangers. There are multiple styles and color choices depending on your space and overall look.

Barn door handles are also available in varying lengths and finishes to match any style.


Pocket doors are a great way to add major floor space back in tight quarters, like a Jack and Jill bathroom; but in larger spaces like a front parlor, they provide an elegant solution for closing off a large room, while hiding the doors when not needed. Ideally, pocket doors will be added in original construction, but can be retrofitted (though not as easily as barn doors).

Pocket doors can include locking mechanisms with either mortise or tubular locks. Tubular locks have a latch bolt and deadbolt in two separate holes. Mortise locks used one hole. Which one should you choose? While it is personal preference, there are some advantages to both. Mortise locks typically last longer, but tubular locks are less expensive. Both are secure enough for inside the home.

If you want more information or need assistance in order, our hardware consultants are ready to help. Please call or email us directly to make an appointment for personalized service.


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