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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all doors a standard size?

No! When shopping for door hardware, always measure the dimensions of your door first -- height, width, and particularly thickness, and the location and dimensions of the current hardware if you are replacing existing door handles.

What measurements do I need to replace my existing cabinet pulls?

If you are replacing existing cabinet hardware,  or working with a door/drawer that is pre-drilled, measure the distance from the center of one screw hole to the other ("center to center"). If the hardware is on a rail/stile on your door, measure that too so that we can make sure that the new hardware fits in that width.

When should I start shopping for decorative hardware for my renovation/new construction?

Ideally, you should start a couple of months before it will need to be installed. We do stock some hardware, but what you choose may need to be ordered, and that should give us plenty of time to select hardware, order, receive, and deliver it to you.

Is it OK to mix metals/finishes in a kitchen?

Sure! People are now using pulls that are a different finish from their light fixtures or plumbing, or different finishes on separate cabinets, like islands or buffets, to make them stand apart as if they are furniture. There are lots of options for this that still provide a cohesive style for your kitchen -- even different finishes on the same pull! 

Can I use all pulls in my kitchen or do I have to have knobs, too?

You can do it however you want. Many kitchens just have pulls, or just have knobs, or have a combination of the two.

What if I can't find exactly what I am looking for?

There are thousands of pieces of decorative hardware out there. It can be overwhelming! Have an idea of what you like, for sure, but keep an open mind for other designs and finishes. You might be surprised at what you will find that you didn't think of or know about before. It's OK to change your mind, and it's OK to not know what you're looking for. Our design consultants will help you every step of the way.

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