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10 Kitchen Hardware Must Haves

The process of renovating, designing, or building a kitchen can be overwhelming. The list of items needed can add up quickly, so we narrowed down the top items kitchen hardware items we get requested! Take time to start prioritizing your favorites to determine which will be essential to your new space. All these products (and more!) are provided by our parent company, HGH Hardware Supply.

Docking Drawer

Not only does everyone want an abundance of outlets, we want them to be both accessible and out of the way. Docking Drawer has changed the game by creating charging and powering stations inside your drawer. Simple to install into any drawer type, the outlet is designed to eliminate surface clutter and create more functional space. Say hello to your counter space again! This is a must have item for your bedside table too.

Under Counter Lighting

Under counter lighting is a must have addition to the kitchen. Placing lights under cabinets transforms the atmosphere of the room by putting the light where you need it. Now you can also use dimmers, motion sensors, and remote controls, to more precisely control your under counter lighting. Coming soon, we will also have Tresco’s Luniform technology that creates a smooth look on the counter without using filters or covers.

Utensil drawer organizer

Have you ever bought a utensil organizer that didn’t fit or maximize the space? Our wooden trimmable drawer insert can be cut to your size drawer exactly. It is by far one of our most popular drawer inserts. Looking for more? Browse the rest of our drawer inserts here.

Range Hood

A wood range hood helps define the look of your custom kitchen. It’s a great way to hide your ventilation system while matching the character and style of your cabinets. Needing help choosing the right ventilation? We discuss ventilation choices in this post.

Butcher Block Countertop

Butcher block countertop works well with essentially every style kitchen from traditional, industrial, to modern, along with different cabinet colors. Butcher block can be installed in a small area of the countertop that’s specifically for cutting and preparing food, or on an island that’s the centerpiece of the kitchen. We go into more depth in this blog post about our other offerings. We stock a great deal of sizes in maple, but custom sizing and other wood species are also available to order by request.

Soft close hinges and drawer slides

Nothing can improve your everyday experience in the kitchen more than soft close hinges and drawer slides. Every operation of your cabinets and drawers should be smooth and quiet! Make sure to ask your cabinet builder for soft close. It’s a choice that you won’t regret!

Double trash can

Hiding your trash bins by keeping them inside the cabinet is a great way to gain floor space. Also with more focus on recycling, you can make your trash/recycling process easier by separating them directly in the kitchen with two bins. With so many size choices, you are bound to find one that fits! Browse our options here.

Decorative woven wire

Decorative wire is a great way to add detail to a section of cabinets. With popular colors like antique brass, antique pewter, and black, we have many choices and design styles. We stock a great deal of sizes, but custom sizing is also available to order by request.

Organizer pull outs

Pull-out organizers are a great way to add big convenience inside a narrow cabinet space. These pull outs have adjustable shelving with beautiful chrome rails to keep everything in its place. They are maple with a UV clear coat finish on top to match any kitchen decor. And you can easily mount it directly to your door so it pulls out by the knob!

Mixer lift

If you love baking and want to keep your stand mixer handy, but out of the way, the heavy-duty chrome mixer lift is the perfect cabinet accessory for you. Referred as the “best in the industry”, the lift features built-in shock dampeners and adjustable spring tension, and holds appliances up to 60 pounds--so it does the heavy lifting for you! The lift can be attached to any custom made shelf and therefore will fit all cabinet sizes allowing a perfect match to your counter top or interior cabinet.

Have questions? Need assistance in ordering? Our sales department is ready to help.


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Avondale Specialty Hardware is a division of HGH Hardware Supply, which carries cabinet hardware and accessories, industrial coatings and finishing supplies, cabinet doors and drawers, convenience hardware and organizers, decorative hardware, and much more.


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