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Selecting Hardware for Your Front Door

Rocky Mountain Hardware

The holidays are approaching, which means your front door is going to be in the spotlight more than usual. With your door being front and center with your party guests, why not spruce it up and make it give the best first impression? As Jeff likes to put it, “your front door is the handshake to your home,” so make it a good one!

The main front door feature that people spend the most time choosing is the lockset. Below is a breakdown of different price ranges, and the brands that fall within those ranges, for a complete keyed entry set, which includes the handle, lock, and bolt. While you can find something that complements your home and taste within any price range, because your entry lockset gets so much use (and sets the tone for your house), it’s well worth investing in quality.

$400-600 - Emtek, Baldwin $800-1,200 - Baldwin, Ashley Norton $1,200+ - Baldwin, Rocky Mountain Hardware

Keyless Entry

If you’re a techie - or just enjoy the convenience that technology offers - you might consider a keyless deadbolt. Manufacturers such as Schlage offer electronic and smart locks that can be connected to your phone to unlock the door. There isn’t much evidence that keyless locks are safer than traditional locksets, but if you like to keep up with the latest technology, they’re great options.

Types of Handles

The type of handle you choose is a matter of preference. Many people opt for levers over knobs because of their ease of use. However, levers and knobs are not your only options - there are others to choose from, such as push/pull sets. You also have the choice of how many pieces your handleset is: one-piece, two-piece, or full plate.

Doorbells, House Numbers, and More

Following are some other exterior items that often get forgotten until near the end of the remodel or building project. You may want to start thinking about these now so you get the complete look you want for your entrance.

  • Door hinges

  • Doorbell and cover

  • Knocker

  • House numbers

  • Door stops

  • Kick plate

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