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Essentials for a Hygge Winter

Hygge essentials

If you’ve been browsing the Internet lately or scrolling through your social media feeds, you’ve probably come across the concept of hygge. To put it simply, hygge is a Danish word that we interpret as cozy. Most of us want our homes to feel cozy and welcoming, especially during the winter months, when all we want to do is curl up and never leave the house. We’ve rounded up seven essentials for achieving hygge in your own home this season.

Decorative Pillows A bare couch definitely lacks a homey appeal. You can almost never have enough decorative pillows. And there are so many options for cozy, cuddly - even furry - pillows!

Rugs We've never seen a cozy room without at least one rug. Rugs are perfect for adding texture to a space, and some people even like to layer multiple rugs in one room.

Hardware You didn’t think we wouldn’t mention hardware, did you? Hardware may not be the coziest design element alone, but it definitely plays a role in bringing a room together. If you're looking for hardware that screams cozy, look no further than Rocky Mountain Hardware. You could even install a barn door in your home - Rocky Mountain Hardware and Flat Track by Leatherneck offer great options with various styles that complement any home’s design.

Throw Blankets Just like decorative pillows, you can never have enough throw blankets. They're obviously great to use to keep warm or sleep with, but they can also serve as decor. You can throw them over your sofa and chairs or store them in a basket.

Firewood Whether or not you actually build a fire, firewood gives off hygge vibes. There are so many unique ways to store firewood that it does more than help you stay warm - it also becomes home decor.

Candles With so many candle scent options to choose from, you can find one that fits the exact ambiance you want to achieve in your home. Candles also make lovely decor pieces, both lit and unlit. The holidays may be over, but if you want your home to smell like Christmas year-round, the Thymes Frasier Fir candle is a must-try.

Proper Lighting Lighting sets a home's mood. Overhead lighting or extremely bright lights can take away from the coziness. Having a few lamps (if they dim, that's even better) will make your space feel more warm and inviting.

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