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Designing Your Smart Home: Smart Locks

Homeowners are embracing the convenience that tech-friendly and “smart” home products have to offer. A common area of the home that welcomes this technology is the front door, where you can install electronic keypads and smart deadbolts. Not all keypads and smart locks have the same capabilities. Below are some of the options available.


Schlage offers three lines of smart and electronic locks that are all accessible by smartphone.

Photo Credit: Polished Habitat

Schlage Sense

This lock can be connected to your smartphone through the Schlage Sense app, so you’ll have access to your lock from any location. If you happen to forget to lock your door or just want to double check, you’ll be able to do so without having to make the drive back. Your front door can also be unlocked with a code (up to 30), so each family member can have his or her own individual code. Temporary codes are also available for guests. If you have a home automation system in your house, like the Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit, you can connect it to Schlage Sense products.

Schlage Connect

The Schlage Connect lock can be linked to most home alarm systems and home automation products, like the Amazon Alexa. This lock also adds extra security by sensing movements or vibrations close to your door and warning you of a potential intruder.

Connected Keypad

The Connected Keypad holds up to 19 access codes and can be programmed with your smartphone.

Emtek Keypad Deadbolts

Emtek offers their Liscio collection with bluetooth programming. You can access the Liscio deadbolt within three to five feet to lock or unlock your door. For additional monitoring, Emtek offers a free app that provides homeowners an activity log documenting which user unlocked the door along with the date and time. Up to 20 user codes can be programmed.

Emtek also has the EMTouch line, which consists of more traditional keypad lock sets. Like the Liscio collection, the lock sets are able to store up to 20 user codes.

Emtek has plans for new smart locks in the coming months, so be on the lookout!


Baldwin’s Evolved collection includes handlesets, deadbolts, interior locks, and key fobs. With the remote access control capabilities, you can monitor your lock remotely through your phone. The line’s features include touch-to-open, wireless entry, and digital eKeys. Upgradable features are also available, such as opting in to receive alerts every time your door is locked and unlocked. You can also connect your lock to your home’s security system and have it lock and unlock based on whether the system is armed or unarmed. Your door will even be able to unlock automatically in case of an emergency.

Baldwin also offers keypad entry deadbolts, which offer a different number of codes (up to 30) depending on which model you purchase.

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