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Custom Closet Must-Haves

When creating a custom closet, you want features that both add convenience and suit your taste. Below are some things to consider in your design.


Even in a closet, you have different lighting options. You might include track lighting inside your cabinets to highlight your clothes and shoes. You can also have toe kick lighting or motion-sensored lights that turn on when you walk into your closet. And, if you’re feeling adventurous in the design process, you could add colorful lighting.

Valet Rod

It’s common to have valet rods installed in custom closets. They’re nice for laying out clothes you may want to wear the next day, outfit planning for an upcoming trip, or for keeping clothes that need to be dry cleaned separated. Adjustable valet rods, similar to valet rods, are also available.

Matching Hangers

Having mismatched hangers can make your closet look cluttered. Using the same hangers throughout your closet creates a clean and cohesive look. We like both velvet and wood hangers.

Hidden Baskets

If you want to keep your hamper hidden, install pull-out or tilt down baskets. This keeps your closet looking neat and creates a little extra space where your hamper would have been.


Full-extension or overtravel slides are the best options in a closet. If you want everything to look sleek, you may also want to opt for undermount slides over side-mount slides.


Designing a custom closet is a good opportunity to select hardware that you may otherwise not choose for any other room in your home. If your closet is the one space that’s a reflection of you, you can have a little fun with the hardware. For instance, if you want to have a glamorous closet, you may choose hardware from Schaub and Company’s Mosaic collection. You could even carry over the design into your doorknob. And, if you have someone who sneaks into your closet and borrows your clothes, you can install an electronic keypad for extra security.

Photo Credit: @styledbycasanova

Jewelry Storage

If you have enough space for jewelry storage in your closet, consider getting drawer organizers to keep your jewelry separated and prevent any tangling. You can place these in your custom cabinetry or inside of the drawers of an island.

Additional Storage Options

If you don’t want to hang your pants, you may want to add a pant rack to a section of your closet. Storage solutions such as tie, scarf, and belt racks are perfect for both men and women, as well.

Shoe Shelf

There are several ways to store shoes in a closet. You can have custom shelves or shoe racks built, or, if you’re limited on space, you can install a lazy susan for shoes.

Extra Personal Touches





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