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Problem-Solving Hardware You Didn’t Know You Needed

There’s some hardware you may not even realize exists until you need it for one of your own home projects. We’re sharing some of those handy products we offer on our sister site, HGH Hardware Supply.


Touch-Up Markers Fill Sticks

Touch-Up Solutions’ fill sticks give homeowners a quick fix for scratched cabinets and other furniture. They come in a variety of shades, so it’s easy to find one that matches your cabinet or furniture color. This handy product fills the in scratches and dings, making old furniture new again with a few swipes. Touch-Up Solutions has a helpful video on how to use the fill sticks.


Have cabinet doors or drawers that slam shut? If you’re not ready to replace your hinges with a soft-close option, rubber bumpers can at least dampen the sound. Bumpers are self-adhesive and attach to cabinet doors and drawers to prevent a loud close or any scratching. We have a blog post on bumpers over on our HGH Hardware Supply website that gives a better idea of how they’re used.

Soft-Close Adapters

Another option for loud cabinets is a soft-close adapter. UniSoft from Grass is a soft-close adapter that mounts to the corner of a cabinet door apart from the hinge. You can also easily control and adjust the speed in which the door closes.

You more than likely know what pilasters are even if you may not recognize them by name. Pilasters are mounted on the sides of cabinets or bookcases and are used with clips to hold shelving. Shelf pins are used for a less-obvious look when there are drilled holes on each side of the cabinet or bookcase.


FastCap Stealth SpeedBrace

Installing a countertop and want an invisible support solution? FastCap’s Stealth SpeedBrace provides a sleek look if you don’t want something as decorative as corbels. These are great for modern kitchens with clean lines.

Emmet’s Good Stuff

If you have butcher block anywhere in your home, it’s important to keep it in good condition. Using Emmet’s Good Stuff will prevent any wear or damage such as staining from food, moisture, etc.



If you have an older home, some of your flooring may be uneven, and you may have to deal with wobbly furniture. Shims provide a quick and easy stabilizing solution.


Closet Rods and Brackets

You may be taking on your own closet project and want to revamp the space you already have. If so, you can find heavy-duty closet rods and brackets that are easy to install.

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