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Simple Additions to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Have you just purchased a house that you love but doesn’t feel quite as homey as you’d like yet? A few simple updates will give you the opportunity to create a space that reflects more of your personal decorating taste.

Add Curb Appeal

You can start by sprucing up your home’s curb appeal with the front door. Changing the hardware or paint color and putting up a welcoming wreath or new house numbers are just a few of the things you can do to make the exterior of your house look inviting. You might also add seasonal plants in the yard or around the mailbox. Installing new shutters or painting the existing ones are options, too!


It’s important to overlook a questionable wall paint color when house-hunting since painting is a simple fix. Paint does wonders to transform a space, and changing the wall colors can be one of the first projects you tackle when the house is yours. You can even paint doors (interior and exterior) and cabinets (though we suggest calling in a professional for cabinets!).

Update Light Fixtures Don’t love the current lighting in your house? You can find reasonably priced fixtures for every room online or at local lighting showrooms. You can also update your light switches by dressing them up with switch covers.

Change Hardware

Are you looking for a quick and easy fix for dressing up the stock cabinets in your house? New cabinet hardware can change the look of your cabinets dramatically, even if they aren’t custom built. Just make sure that the new hardware you select is the same size as the original hardware to avoid drilling more holes.

Additionally, you can replace your exterior locksets and interior privacy knobs, including those on your bathroom and closet doors.

New Backsplash

A new backsplash pulls a kitchen together. If your kitchen does not already have a backsplash, you can have one installed inexpensively. (Keep in mind that it costs more to have an existing backsplash removed before installing a new one.)

Change Builder-Grade Mirrors

Adding a unique mirror will give your bathroom more character. You can find beautiful mirrors at home stores or antique shops.

Even with a few of these mini-projects, you can make your house your own and have fun doing it!

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