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Vendor Highlight: Emtek

Emtek, one of our most popular brands, offers both sleek and modern and more traditional hardware and accessories for the home. Emtek hardware is a popular choice with our customers who are designing or working with transitional spaces. Their products are made to order and include entry door sets and interior, cabinet, and bath hardware.

What sets Emtek apart from many other specialty hardware vendors is that customers have the opportunity to mix and match different pieces to create their perfect entry set or doorknob. This option is great for the homeowner who may not be interested in having something completely custom sketched out but still wants to be able to customize. Every product you’ll find featured on Emtek’s website can be made your own to fit your space and taste. The Product Selector tool on Emtek’s website allows you to see what the different options will actually look like, which takes away all the guesswork. You can mix and match different knobs and levers with rosettes and also play around with finishes. Emtek also has electronic keypad locks, and even those can be customized to match the design of your home.

In addition to letting you mix and match trim plates, knobs, rosettes, and other pieces, Emtek also allows you to choose different finishes. If you wanted the exterior side of your front door to be one finish and the interior side’s finish to be different to match your other doors inside, you have the option to do so.

If you’re on the hunt for premium hardware at a good price, be sure to check out Emtek.

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