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How to Get Your Home Organized in the New Year

Does the name Marie Kondo ring a bell? We’d be surprised if it didn’t, considering everyone is jumping on the purging and organizing bandwagon in the new year. Although January is nearly over, some people are still in the organizing and decluttering mode and are looking for simple, but effective, storage methods. We’re sharing a few of our favorites that can be used in several different spaces in your home.

Depending on the items you’re storing, you may be interested in different organization solutions.

If you’re looking for a sleek but easy-to-install product to organize your kitchen utensils, Rev-A-Shelf has utensil organizers that we love that are available in both plastic and wood versions. Rev-A-Shelf also offers spice drawer organizers, as well as racks if you’d rather save drawer space and store them behind a cabinet. Their mail organizer for the back of the cabinet is also a nice add-on for taking the clutter off your countertops.

Photo credit: Alex from Organize BHAM

When it comes to storing products, you can never go wrong with bins or baskets, and they’re perfect for consolidating and categorizing products. Use clear bins in pantries and closets so you can see what you have. Baskets are better for messy items, such as chips. We also love lazy susans! They come in various sizes and are great for organizing cooking oils in the kitchen and skin care or cosmetic products in a bathroom.

One area you may not have thought to organize that can get cluttered pretty easily is under the sink. You could use baskets or storage units made specifically for that space. Rev-A-Shelf’s sink-base organizers can be pulled out of the cabinets and allow for easy reach of kitchen and cleaning products. They fit perfectly around any plumbing as well.

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