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5 Closet Must-Haves

When creating a custom closet, you want convenience, function, and organization. It’s a place that can sometimes become busy and hectic, so it’s important to add features to help you maintain the space.

Valet rods are perfect for laying out clothes you may want to wear the next day, outfit planning for an upcoming trip, or keeping dry cleaned clothes separate until you can put away. Our valet rods come in satin nickel, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze.

For the person in your life with a lot of ties, tie racks are always a good idea. They mount to any surface and can hold anywhere from 14-25 ties.

For the person in your life who has a lot of scarves, a tie rack is the best way to keep them organized. It allows you to see them all at once, instead of stuffed in a drawer!

Valet Rod

Jewelry Organization & Storage

If you have drawers in your closet, consider using one of them for your jewelry. Our drawer organizers can keep your jewelry separated, allowing you to see what you own, and prevent tangling. Have an island in your closet? That’s the perfect place to add jewelry inserts!

Jewelry Drawer Organizer


Adding hooks is the best way to add functional space in a closet. It’s a place where your bathrobe can live or even a shirt you might want to wear the next day. It allows for easy convenience to grab and go when on the run.

Wall Hooks

Pant Rack

If space allows, a pant rack can be very useful. It eliminates the need to hang pants on hangers which leaves you more hanging space. It also allows for more storage. Generally we might not hang work out leggings, or seasonal pants, but with a pant rack, you can see all of your options at a glance.

Pant Rack in Closet

Custom Hardware

We can’t not mention knobs and pulls! Designing a custom closet is a good opportunity to select knobs or pulls that you may otherwise not choose for any other room in your home. If your closet is the one space that’s a reflection of you, you can have a little fun with the hardware. For instance, if you want to have a glamorous closet, you may choose hardware that is more shiny. You could even carry over the design into your closet doorknob.

Do you need help with making selections? Are you designing a new closet, and needing more ideas? Come shop with us, and browse our choices. We also carry in-drawer ironing boards, hampers, wire pullout baskets, belt racks, shoe rails, shelf dividers, closet mirrors, and closet rods.

We look forward to working with you!


Phone: 205-510-4232

Avondale Specialty Hardware is a division of HGH Hardware Supply, which carries cabinet hardware and accessories, industrial coatings and finishing supplies, cabinet doors and drawers, convenience hardware and organizers, decorative hardware, and much more.


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