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5 Outdoor Hardware Details You May Have Overlooked

With summer on the horizon, it’s time to think about outdoor design details! We have rounded up a selection of our outdoor hardware offerings that can make a huge impact.


House numbers are such a fun way to add custom detail to the outside of your home. With varying colors and styles, the choices are endless.

A couple of key reminders: Make sure the numbers are easily readable from the street. Be sure to install them in a well lit area for nighttime as well. Also, consider the contrast of colors. If your home exterior is painted in a dark color, black or bronze house numbers probably won’t work well (though chrome or brass house numbers still work fine on lighter colors).


Wanting to add instant curb appeal? Outdoor shutters are an easy way to really add balance and texture to a home. There are a couple of different pieces needed to achieve the look: of course you need the shutter itself and hinges, but you also need decorative straps and shutter stays.

Shutter stays are also known as shutter dogs or tie backs. These are pieces of hardware that stay at the bottom of the shutter to keep it in place. There are multiple sizes depending on the size of the shutter.


Who doesn’t love a good screen door? We love letting in the fresh air when the season allows. Screen door hardware includes hinges and the handle.

When making decisions, make sure you know the thickness of the door and the width of the style. Screen doors are typically less thick than traditional entry doors, so the measurement is needed in order to have the right hinges.

Screen doors also require a smaller handle or lever. It doesn’t always use a typical entry door sized handle--but we can help you find the right one.

Finally, you need to choose whether your screen door locks or not.


Gate hardware typically consists of hinges, a cane bolt, and a handle or latch.

Gate hinges come in a multitude of designs from plain to very ornate. The gate will always require the traditional butt hinge but you can also add flair by using decorative hinges on the front of the door--it’s all dependent on the size of the gate.

Double door gates typically need a cane bolt so one side can be fixed, but allow the other side to swing open.

Handles and latches can vary greatly in design as well, from utilitarian to ornamental.


Make the ultimate first impression by greeting visitors with a unique door knocker. It’s a great way to enhance your front door and show off your style or a special interest.

There are great choices from monogram letters to insects and animals like bees and peacocks to beach details like starfish and seahorses.

We would love to help you make selections! Our experienced hardware consultants are ready to help you choose all your indoor and outdoor hardware. Make an appointment for personalized service, and bring us your plans!


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