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A Guide on Digital Keypads

Digital Keypads or Smart Locks are becoming increasingly popular, particularly within the rental community. Granting users access inside the home without using keys is convenient and easy, and when keys are lost or guests check out, locks never need changing, and keys never need to be made. It also makes it easy to let in contractors, dog walkers, and housekeepers with their own codes and limited to certain times. In this guide, we are breaking down the differences between the two styles we carry.

Rocky Mountain & Omnia

You can now find the perfect lock for any home without compromising style for smarts. Powered by the invisible Level Bolt (The Invisible Smart Lock), Rocky Mountain & Omnia Industries bring all-new possibilities to some of our best selling locks. Rocky Mountain & Omnia use an invisible smart deadbolt (Level Bolt) within the door hardware. What does this mean? There is no actual keypad–the technology components are hidden inside the deadbolt pocket behind the trim, resulting in beautiful hardware that creates a secure entry experience.

Instead of using a keypad, the user locks/unlocks the door and grants keyless access through a smartphone app called Level Home. The app offers comprehensive features including user tracking, permissions, accessibility, and more. It is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms as well as Apple HomeKit, Ring, Alexa, and Google Play.


Emtek’s EMPowered Electronic Keypad uses a more traditional keypad, which is compatible with smart phones, but does not require it. This is especially handy for people who may or may not have smart phones, or do not want to carry them outside at all times (such as with vacation homes).

Using the Yale Access App, you can set up 25 unique entry codes. The app offers comprehensive features including user tracking, permissions, accessibility, and more, and with the included DoorSense feature, will let you know if the door is open or closed. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

And if you don’t have the smart app, don’t have a smart phone, or can’t be sure everyone will have access to a smart phone, you can choose just a regular numeric keypad and access via entry codes.

Come visit us to learn more and find the digital lock that is right for you.


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