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Beyond Knobs and Pulls: Unique Decorative Hardware Options

Looking for something different to set your cabinet design apart? These options can elevate the look of your kitchen, bathroom, built-in entertainment center or anywhere you have cabinetry. Most of them add more detail to the cabinets, but some disappear entirely leaving a clean, minimalist look.

Ring pull

Ring pulls are commonly used on furniture like china cabinets or baby dressers. But more and more, ring pulls are being used in kitchens and bar areas to make cabinetry look and feel like furniture. Some newer designs of ring pulls are flush or recessed, leaving a flat surface on the cabinet itself.

Cup pull

The half shell, farmhouse-look cup pull is very traditional and still very much in demand, but there are more shape options than there were 20 years ago. The cup pull design has been updated and there are rectangular shapes and more modern choices now. Cup pulls are often used on a section of your cabinetry for an accent, but can be used throughout your design.

Tab pull

Tab pulls, also known as edge pulls, are a minimalist way of adding sleek, but functional hardware to your cabinets. It’s a more modern look, traditionally used on drawers only, but can be used on your cabinet doors.

Tip-on hardware

If you want your hardware to disappear completely, try using tip-on hardware. All you do is touch the cabinet on the corner, and it opens. It is the ultimate modern minimalist look, and it’s a great way to hide hidden panels if you’re wanting a piece to blend in.

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