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Getting Ready for the New Year

As you look forward to the new year, it’s always nice to take it a step further than just resolutions, and make sure your home is functioning properly. Think about those spaces you haven’t given any love to all year, or any rooms that need some attention. Our suggestions are just a start but we hope it gets you thinking about more possibilities.

Declutter your closets

Are your closets dark black holes everyone is scared to open? Let this time be an opportunity to clean out, and donate what you might not be using. Go through your belts, scarves, ties, and jewelry and see what needs to be given away. And don’t forget to check out our organizers to help maintain what you are keeping! We have belt racks, tie pull outs, jewelry drawer organizers, and more.

Check on your drawers

Look inside the busy drawers that are used often when guests are over. Specifically, check the silverware drawer–is it in shambles after the holiday? Do you have miscellaneous items that are not supposed to be in there? Do you have your complete sets ready to use?

With the use of our trim-to-fit drawer organizers, your drawers can get back to tip top shape easily, with a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Focus on the front

Your front entrance is what everyone sees first. Does it send the right message? Does it look welcoming? Is your doorbell visible and does it work properly? Is your door easy to open and close? Are your house numbers bright and visible from the street? Whatever updates you need to make, we can help you find the right hardware. Bring us your New Year’s to-do list for your house!


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Avondale Specialty Hardware is a division of HGH Hardware Supply, which carries cabinet hardware and accessories, industrial coatings and finishing supplies, cabinet doors and drawers, convenience hardware and organizers, decorative hardware, and much more.


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