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How to Pick Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Your builder or designer says it’s time to pick out cabinet hardware, and so it’s time to go shop!

Here are our top tips on what to know & how to decide.

Choose a hardware finish.

This might seem simple but when you start browsing, you’ll notice there are different shades of brass, silver, and bronze. If you can narrow down a finish name like Brushed Satin Nickel or Unlacquered Brass, your choices become more narrow.

Select your style.

Are you wanting to make a statement or create a timeless look? Are you more traditional, classical, or mid-century modern? Style & hardware go hand in hand in regards to the type of home you want to build but it also lets your personality shine. Are you wanting to be bold, trendy, or minimalist?

Feel free to mix & match.

It’s ok to choose a different finish from your faucet or the mirror. It’s personal preference whether you want them all to match perfectly or not. Neither way is wrong!

Decide on the type and shape of hardware.

Your kitchen will usually have a mix of cabinet doors and drawers. You want to select the type of hardware for each application. For example, if you have a very large drawer, it wouldn’t make sense to put a knob because then it would be too difficult to open. Traditionally, knobs are installed on doors and pulls are installed on drawers. Doors are usually easier to open, therefore a knob is suitable--but you can put pulls on doors, too.

Know where to put the hardware.

This can be tricky. If you Google or Pinterest hardware drilling locations, it is apparent the locations are up for discussion. Center, corner, side, top? Play around with different placements and see what works for you. Ease of use is important, but you do have options.

Size is super important!

Selecting the right size pulls & knobs can be difficult but a good rule of thumb is the pull size should be 1/3 of the length of the drawer. So if the drawer is 15” wide, the pull should be around 5” long.

Choose hardware that is comfortable.

This tip is definitely not talked about enough. There are uncomfortable knobs and pulls. That’s why our in-person showroom is so important. You can really explore how the hardware feels in your hand.

Visualize it.

Are you a visual person? Feel free to bring in your drawer front or door when you shop! Not only does this allow you to see the size compared with the hardware up close, but it helps with color & style coordination.

Last but not least, come see us in Avondale!

Our in-house design experts work directly with you and/or your designer, builder, or architect. We can help you every step of the way from choosing the finish and size to figuring out where the hardware is placed. We have work spaces in our showroom that allow you to spread out your house plans, bring your samples, and comfortably make choices.

If you can’t make it in our showroom for any reason, we are happy to help you via phone, FaceTime, Zoom, etc. We hope these tips were helpful, and we look forward to seeing you!


Phone: 205-510-4232

Avondale Specialty Hardware is a division of HGH Hardware Supply, which carries cabinet hardware and accessories, industrial coatings and finishing supplies, cabinet doors and drawers, convenience hardware and organizers, decorative hardware, and much more.


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