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Replacing Your Existing Entry Door Handle

If your front door handle is worn, dated, or just not your style, replace it! We just need to know a few measurements to get started, in order to make sure it fits properly.

1. We need to know the diameter of the bore holes. These are generally a standard 2-1/8”, but make sure you at least partially remove your handleset to confirm this.

2. Next, we need the center to center measurement of the boreholes. This measurement is from the deadbolt hole to the hole for the latch. Standard is 5-1/2” center to center.

3. It’s also important to note where the bottom of the handleset ends. It could end just below the latch/lever, or it could have a button bore below, where a longer handle will attach. If this is present, please get this measurement also.

4. The backset measurement is measured from the center of the bore to the edge of the door. A standard backset is 2-3/8 or 2-3/4.

5. The last measurement needed is the door thickness. A standard door thickness is 1-3/4”.

Print our handleset measurement guide to help you gather your measurements. Once you have this information, please take a picture of the door with current hardware on, and visit us in our showroom so we can help order the right replacement lockset.

A small note to be aware of: If the door is stained, and you are not going to restain, it will likely have left an imprint on the door. Therefore, the footprint needs to be the same. If the door is painted, you’re open to more options.

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Handleset measurement guide
Download PDF • 3.09MB


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