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Types of Cabinet Boxes: Ask before they build

The way your cabinets are made is a must-have conversation with your builder. Of course there are other decisions more commonly discussed, such as material, wood species, color, and door style. But this last decision is very important: framed or frameless. This has to do with the construction of your cabinet box.

Framed or face frame cabinetry is a more traditional American way that cabinet manufacturers build. They are more common. They have a 1-1/2 inch frame around the box. The cabinet door is attached to the frame which adds dimension and depth. The main advantage is that it gives the cabinets more strength because the door is attached. You also have more options as to the overlay (how much the cabinet overlays on top of the frame).

Frameless cabinetry is more contemporary and considered a European style. It is becoming increasingly popular in American kitchens though as it is more modern & simple. As the word suggests, frameless cabinets means the face frame is eliminated, and the cabinet doors attach directly to the box. The biggest advantage with this type of cabinetry is that the cabinet box itself has more room.

Which is best for your project? Neither are wrong! The decision comes down to how you want your kitchen to look & what needs you have for the inside of your cabinets.

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