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Unlacquered Brass: The Process & A Project

One of our most requested finishes is unlacquered brass. We dived deep into what unlacquered brass is here in this previous post, but now we wanted to show the process of delacquering, and our recent work showcasing the finish.

For many decades now, bright brass finishes have come with a clear coat to protect the brass from tarnishing. Relatively recently, however, homeowners have decided this tarnish or patina is more desirable. Many of our cabinet hardware brands now offer the option of unlacquered brass due to this new demand, but the pieces chosen for this project were not available in a “living finish”, so in order to achieve a patina over time, we must remove the clear coat.

In order to remove the clear lacquer applied by the manufacturer, we first soak the pieces in a chemical solvent for some time (this time varies from piece to piece). Most will come off in the solvent, but some needs to be brushed or rubbed off manually.

The difference is clear. The unlacquered hardware now has no protective coating, allowing it to age and change over time.

In 2020, we teamed up with Willow Interiors and selected unlacquered brass hardware for the Birmingham Home and Garden Inspiration Home in Homewood, Alabama. The stunning contrast of brass and wood on the kitchen island adds texture and warm tones to the room. It balances nicely with the opposite side of white cabinets, giving this gorgeous kitchen a cozy and inviting look.

If you want to use unlacquered brass in your home, let us help you find the right pieces. Just visit us in our showroom or call to make an appointment, and bring us your kitchen plans!

If you are not local to Birmingham, we can help make selections via FaceTime or Zoom, and ship the hardware directly to you.


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