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Why Options Matter: Our Unique Hardware

Expressing your personal style through your hardware and the look of your home can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel. Replacing the builder grade choices with options that fit your own style breaks the pattern and allows you to showcase your personality and your lifestyle!

Options allow for individuality, creativity, and uniqueness. With backplate choices, mixing and matching of finishes within rooms, and design styles, you really get to create the space you want and love.

Touch and feel are important, too -- if at all possible, try to feel and touch the hardware before buying. Have you ever opened a bathroom or closet door, and felt the lightweight & hollow hardware? You never know the importance of quality hardware until you’re building yourself and start touching the items. It’s like walking on rugs. It’s got to feel good!

But don’t worry -- we can help. We often hear, “Wow you have a ton of options. I’ve never seen so many choices.” We do have a lot of choices, and selecting hardware can be difficult. But selecting the right hardware for you can make a world of difference in how comfortable you are in your new space.

We are here for you! Come visit our showroom in Avondale, and let’s create your dream! Email or call us today to schedule a one on one appointment. We look forward to seeing you!


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